Jason Brown - President & CEO

Beyond knowledge and stories, there are three things that make the most effective professionals: 

Pluralism: the ability to have other people's points of view chasing around in your head with equal valence to your own ideas. 

Bias to action: the ability not to get stuck by the above and to move good thinking foward. 

Charm: the ability to get others to like what you are doing so that real outcomes happen. 

This is Tammi, and I know that from nearly 20 years working with her. She is these three special professional skills, and, based on her experience, she has seen more innovations and attempts there-at than 99% of marketers and consultants. She is a walking compendium of HBR business cases with the answer key. I recommend Tammi for any company that is looking to move forward the state of the art and any company whose mission it is to help its clients do that. 

Last but not least, Tammi is funny....and, really, what's the point if you can't laugh together while you're trying to get things done?"

Teri Hall - Senior Vice President  

I recently read an article called “It’s Time to Inspire” about what separates inspiring leaders from all the rest, and immediately thought of Tammi. She was my compadre, mentor and friend at Ipsos-Vantis for a number of years as we helped companies shape and improve their ideas into successful market innovations. I’ve never seen anyone pull passion, ideas and creativity out of other people like Tammi can. People gravitate to Tammi – not only for her sharp strategic instincts, wild creativity and decades of diverse experience innovating and building brands, but because she is a master listener. And she doesn’t just listen. She listens with creative foresight for the right moment to help people realize that “ah ha” insight they’ve been circling but not quite seeing with open eyes. Then she’ll help the team make magic, while taking none of the credit. Fun, focused, agile, creative, smart, genuine and trustworthy – Tammi should be on every marketer’s go-to list of advisors.

Byron Freney - Entrepreneur and Writer  
"Years ago it occurred to me that my job is to advance things. Ideas, plans, budgets, businesses. Product launches, relationships, understandings, enthusiasm. I think success for most of us hinges on an ability to advance these things for clients, customers, bosses, peers, consumers, organizations and industries. I've also learned that some people are much better advancers than others. Tammi Taylor could teach a master class in this craft if she wasn't so busy practicing it. 

Tammi is fluent on both sides of the various constructs we use to define individuals and our expectations of them. She's a thinker and a doer. Right-brained and left-brained. Builder and communicator. She moves instinctively towards the advancement of iterative and strategic objectives. She's simply someone you want in the room, and on the case, when you want to make progress. If you team up with her, you'll be very glad you did.

If I were a hashtagger, I'd start #cantsayenoughgoodthings about Tammi Taylor."

 Lisa Maruri - Vice President
"I have had the privilege of working with Tammi Taylor for the past 7 years. During this time I found her not only to be an intelligent, dedicated and passionate colleague but also a mentor. Tammi has a keen insight into business matters with an ability to solve even the most complex problems. Coupled with her strong work ethic and superior interpersonal skills I found Tammi to be an invaluable asset whenever we worked together. 

I have gained a great deal of knowledge watching Tammi in action; however it was our one-on-one interaction where I learned the most. She had a true open door policy and she would patiently work through things with me, teaching me along the way whether I knew she was or not. I have found myself modeling my career after her."

Kevin Dona - Senior Vice President
"Tammi is focused and efficient and always keeps her eye on the long-term vision while accomplishing the short-term goal. She has a keen business sense which coupled with her stellar creativity make her an asset to any client or group she is associated with. She is a pleasure to work with and is upbeat, fun, inspirational and hard working. She is truly someone that can take any idea to the next level."

Wendy Hunt - Executive Client Director
"Tammi is a super-charged, innovation, research, and branding leader with a knack for solving problems and advancing the business cause. She's high-energy, high-touch, and a brilliant mind all in one. Both creative and strategic, she's a unique blend of knowledge and firepower! A collaborative leader and doer, you just won't find a better mind that Tammi for your innovation, research, and branding needs. Long live Team Tammi!"