Jennifer Archer - Koch Foods
" He made my role in this project very easy because of his hard work and great personality. Greg is one of the the best managers I have ever worked with. He is a true expert in his field, always offering out-of-the-box, detailed, on-time solutions. I would highly recommend Greg as a true expert in his field"

Iain McAusland - Counsel at Tucker Ellis LLP
"Greg did an amazing job in both managing science and research activities at Epoch and also presenting Epoch technical research to customers, study participants and investors. As a scientist he is detail oriented and hardworking. As a communicator he is great at finding and delivering the right level of detail for a particular audience. Epoch was a fast paced and ever-changing environment and Greg showed 210% commitment - excelling in two roles at once. When the going gets tough, you'll want Greg on your team."