Sugata Sanya, Founder & CEO, ZINFI Technology
"She would be a great asset in any business that is trying figure out the next BIG THING!"

John Blackett - ViP Product Marketing - TomTom
"Lisa is a great example of someone who can assess a business and create new insights that can lead to new business opportunities. She has a creative energy that is extremely endearing and which she is able to use in an unobtrusive, positive manner to get the most out of people. Not only is she creative but is also logical in her thinking and challenges the status quo, always looking to do things in a more compelling way."

Candido Peterlini - VP Marketing Innovation - Fiat
"Lisa's talent is not only to provide excellent market insights but to interpret, develop and execute the product and marketing strategy."

David Chong, VP and MEA Asean - Universal Electronics
"Lisa was part of the team where she plays a crucial role in helping develop the Marketing strategy for the entire business, including the tools and the analysis that helped the team and me make critical decisions."

Pascal de Mul - Head of Partnerships - Spotify
"Lisa is one of those people who has a way of energizing people to take a step back and look at their problem from new angles; helping them to come up with concrete, well-founded answers; and even allowing them to have a lot of fun in the process. She shines in the big questions of who, what and why, but is also not afraid to get her hands dirty.  And she is is hands-down the best facilitator that I have had the pleasure to have a workshop with."

Bryan DeYoung - Director of Retail Brands - CVS
"Lisa always led by example, displaying all the characteristics she expected of us, her team: strong work ethic, utmost professionalism, attention to details, team work and a proactive attitude."

Gokce Sezgin - Sr. Director Marketing - Sensio
"She was able to pull the team together during very tough times and achieve THE best employee engagement scores in the whole organization."

Tracy DeCarlo - Business Manager - Daymone
"Lisa is a unique combination of a brilliant and inspiring business leader, creative Marketer, and an amazing coach. Lisa consistently drove innovation by introducing the team to new creative and effective processes and marketing approaches in both the traditional and digital space."

Nick Head - Founder - Stream Research
"Lisa is one of the very best Market Intelligence professionals I have ever worked with. Creative yet practical, strategic yet always with the consumer voice at the center of every project. Lisa is able to turn seemingly endless amounts of data (both qualitative and quantitative) into the very best insights and recommendations."