“F’inn helped our team demonstrate the return on investment for our start-up. They provided specific data that we could use to sell our business to new clients. They were smart, fast and agile, proving to be true partners. ”

— Dillon McDonald, Entrepreneur

“why do I love F’inn? …because they rock, that’s why…”

— Brenden Elwood - Senior Director - T-Mobile

“I have worked with all the Finn collaborators and I can say without reservation that these folks are among the best in the business of culling, cajoling, massaging, and enabling of innovation within client organizations.

All are familiar with “engineer speak” and know how to work with a highly technical team. I have seen firsthand how they can coalesce different teams within an client company to get the best out, in terms of new product innovation.

In essence, they create an environment in which a client can “succeed sooner”. Whether it be the crossroads at new product launch decisions, pricing conundrums, access to new channels or anything that it takes to make a line succeed, they can build reasoned data driven guidance once they understand the objectives.”

— Tracy Floyd - Entrepreneur