You know those guys on Sherlock Holmes - the crazy ones. The ones who Sherlock calls in on a case when he needs sharply focused talent? Maybe a k-theory mathematician, an invertebrate zoologist, a Rajput painter, will be brought in on a case and will unlock some clue that changes everything, making Sherlock look like a genius.

The actual definition of an “irregular” says they are "nonconformists to prevalent patterns". This is perfect, because when you want to see the world in a new way or solve an unsolvable problem, you need an outsider, someone starting from a completely new vantage point. 

At F’inn, we have a large crew of Irregulars who work along with us to help cover all the areas you need to bring a new idea to market. These are geniuses who focus on their specialty and come in as needed to move innovation forward. These are vetted experts, the ones we have most loved working with over the past 20 years, the very best.  Across our network, we have access to thousands of Irregulars providing all sorts of brilliancy around the globe and can simply and seamlessly bring them in as part of the team within hours. 

So, if we’re developing a new idea with you, we have experts in graphic design, UX, naming, category management, etc. As needed, each expert is pulled on to the team and contributes to the piece of the work that they love most. When complete, they transition off and the next expert jumps in. These experts learn by going into the toughest problem areas and practicing over and over. They try things, learn how to work fast and efficiently in the most adverse situations, the rough patches that most people avoid. And when it comes time for execution, they scramble up through those toughest spots, making the climb as smooth as possible for the rest of the team. 

And one of the F’inn founders is your linking pin to the Irregulars.  Our leadership is always-on, throughout the entirety of the engagement, even the stuff that would typically be left to junior, newbies.  Our own individual expertise will remain core, while we provide strategic oversight and consistent guidance.  So rather than having to on-board and monitor progress across multiple agencies with different agendas and account people who know nothing about your business, you have one single, trusted senior person leading from start to finish; and even carrying through to the next project to keep the momentum and excitement high.     

There are so many advantages to working this way.

1. You are never limited to the talent or availability of resources at a single agency

2. You get to work with the best in their respective fields

3. You never pay for top talent that you aren’t using

4. If you have a favorite creator that you want to include, we’re always excited to include them

5. You have an experienced single point of contact for the entirety of the project. 

6.  We know you and your business – the briefings can be short and sweet – and we will immediately be able to start thinking along with you. 

And, it’s ideal for the Irregulars because they can focus on their passion, leaving the day-to-day leadership, strategy and transitions to us.

We’re proud of our Irregulars. They are brilliant and quirky and always fully engaged. Those are the kinds of people that bend the world, one problem at a time.