Passion and intuition or process and analytics. Creative or realistic. Structured or inspirational. 

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, these became opposing forces rather than collaborative healthy tensions. 

Creativity and innovation became linked to specific functions within an organization instead of being an underlying current of the culture.  This creates an unhealthy comfort zone, one in which process steps are followed blindly and box checking trumps deep thinking and silos block sharing and the collective power of your organization.  The result ain't pretty... People feel stifled, functions become territorial, ideas get beat up and growth is halted. 

We believe that the way to uncover and discover innovation is through combined forces, embracing the yes and the no, getting away from black and white metrics or one size fits none processes. We call this (re) innovation.... Making innovation happen through iteration, rigor, openness and continual learning.  The outcome is not solely great ideas; the result is evident in your teams re-engagement, and in your people who believe that this awesome idea can and will happen. 

Our approach moves so far beyond a workshop or brainstorm…at its most complete, our approach leads to culture shift.   

To start, we treat both people and innovation with respect.  Some words or phrases banned when F'inn is involved:

'that's just the way we do it here' ... Meaning we've become slaves to a process and have stopped thinking as individuals. 

'with all due respect’... Meaning I'm not listening to a single word you say or thought you contribute, because I know better and my mind is already made up

'we tried that once... It didn't work, it got killed in research, we couldn't figure out'… Meaning we've danced with this idea before and got stuck and did not persevere.  Or some firefighting took priority over the iterative creativity that was needed to make it work.   

'we just have to get a green light on the dashboard'… Meaning I don't give a shit about learning what could really be awesome, I just want to keep going with what I've already decided is right.

none of this crap matters if we don’t hit our (annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily) number’…Meaning that the short-term, tactical mentality is the norm, and is undermining the need to build towards the future, starting here and now. 

Here’s a taste of what you will hear and experience:

‘so what made this idea possible to succeed now, when it’s actually been in play for a decade or so?’

‘let’s think about the far future, not just next year, but 2030’

‘do you know that is what people want or is that part of your organization’s belief system?’

‘why, why not, what’s next?’ 

‘what would motivate your users to adopt this…and what would potentially block them?’ 

It's going to be hard work, it's going to require some breaking of bad habits, and it’s going to necessitate ego and assumption dropping...

And it's going to be fun, it's going to open your eyes, it’s going to feel real, and the end result will have seismic impact.

Are you ready?