As we sought the answer to the fundamental question of ‘who are we?’, one theme continually emerged. Innovation is broken and it breaks our hearts.

Innovation has become an overused, undercharged corporate bullshit bingo word. Its core - the ‘act of introducing something new’ – has been stripped away by process, risk-aversion, and resource constraints.

If we’re honest, the more common definition is now ‘getting something else out there after it’s been water downed to pass a bunch of internal milestone meetings and fit our slashed budget’. We’re not throwing stones here, we’ve all worked on the “client side” and have experienced these meetings directly. Painfully. 

And so that’s how we came up with our mission and our name. We talked about our mission in our first blog Welcome to F'inn …So, here’s a bit about the meaning of our name F’inn…

Probably not surprisingly, the ‘inn’ stands for innovation and the ‘f’ is dependent on context and business challenge. A few examples:

F’inn = Find innovation…”What do people really want, even if they can’t articulate it yet?  “We’re leaders in the market, and need to keep ahead of all”, “We want to create a brand new category, something that has never been done before.”

F’inn = Found innovation…”We have a great idea, now what?”  “Our first launch rocked, we’ve gotta follow-up with something even more awesome”  “This technology offers huge benefit, what can we do with it that will make sense and how can we communicate it so people will be as excited as we are?”

F’inn = Fix innovation…”We launched our big bet for this year, and it’s bombing – HELP!”  “Our competitors are beating us with an inferior idea, because we did a crap job in communicating what we can really do.”  “Our brand has become super stale, how to we move to ‘US 2.0’

F’inn = Flip innovation…”Our high-end product is doing great, but the price point is out of reach for 90% of our target audience.”  “Something is happening in XYZ country, we want to be the first to make it happen in ABC country – learning from their success and mistakes.” “We want to open up a whole new target, but how?”

F’inn = Fit innovation…”We know this is an awesome product, but it gets totally lost on the shelf.”  “A huge retailer wants this, but we need to make some changes to be successful with their shoppers.”  “Our budget has been slashed – how do we rework the plan to protect the most promising elements and allow us to continue.” 

F’inn = Fuse innovation…”We love what is happening in this space, how can we bring some of that thinking into our world.” “This doesn’t feel like a stand-alone product, but a feature on something else…where makes sense?” “We need an injection of energy and feel tapped out just doing more of the same”    

F’inn = Fuck innovation…”The process is killing all of our creativity.”  “The guys over there do innovation, we just have to try to sell whatever they make, without even knowing why they made it.”  “We move forward in one area, but nothing else moves along with it…so we’re always constrained.” 

So F’inn means lots of things – what could F’inn mean for you?