Sometimes we feel like we have seen it all.  Tens of thousands of innovations - new products, brands, business models, packages, spaces… But, we know we haven’t, actually (seen it all). We are watching some of the most creative ideas out there, being discovered, refined, targeted and launched. We came together to help leaders find those ideas and get them into the real world.

We’re working on “innovation” with start ups, giant consumer companies, non-profits, big B-to-B organizations, and everyone is doing it wrong - at least that is what they believe.

But here’s the truth, everyone has something they could be doing better - even those innovation icons that seem to live on “Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies” lists.

The “process” of innovation is broken. Too often, badly structured innovation programs:

  • allow good ideas slip by, unseen
  • kill the sparks of inspiration for a new creation as the idea travels from team to team in “development"
  • advances bad ideas because they come from someone high on the food chain

These processes are slow, bureaucratic and rarely yield true innovation.

Start-ups don’t suffer from an overly processed system – they can find great ideas and hold on to their spark. However, many start-ups need support translating these ideas into reality. The struggle might be getting the data needed for sales pitches, building a brand or a retail plan, but rarely do start-ups have all the expertise they need in-house.

The innovation process seems to be stuck in an imaginary bind. There’s no reason that ideas cannot be truly vetted and plugged into business strategies, but quickly and without the sticky bureaucracy. We have very large clients who are able to imagine new ideas, refine, validate and launch them in a matter of weeks. These “ideas” aren’t limited to products but include brands, messaging, pricing models, retail creations, etc. - all the areas of your work that can be touched by a strong innovation plan.

How? They move fast because it’s in their DNA, sure, but also because we’ve created fast moving tools with the right mix of creative flexibility and strategic rigor to capture the moment and build a business case.

For creators, we want to bring together the agility of start-ups and the certainty of more established teams, along with some great bench strength. We seek a marriage of design thinking with deep user insights. Ideas that are rooted in the needs of your target users, quick iteration, and true collaboration. 

For you, we created F’inn.

The name is an attempt to “Fix” Innovation, or Forge/ Find/ Fuel/ Flip it, or just say Fuck it, we’ve got to start over. We are a team of innovation specialists with an amazing network of talented individuals who we onboard as needed. We’ll talk more about our “Irregulars” later, but know that there is no part of the strategic or creative process that we can’t handle.

The Founders of F’inn are all completely hands on and will personally run these initiatives with you. We promise you that we will not delegate you to an inexperienced team. We started F’inn because we love this work and want to spend our time with you, not in meetings about revenue expectations. 

 That’s it.

Our mission is to inspire leaders to discover and hold on to great ideas, give them purpose and make them real.

Keep an eye on this space, it’s growing fast with case studies, interviews and a strong perspective on how to fix the mess that has become “innovation”.