Brian Fung, Senior Product Planner - Microsoft
"Stephen has approached every challenge we've given him - whether ambiguous or well defined - the same way, with thoughtful optimism. He's proven to be a stalwart resource, a problem solver helping us break through barriers, and a willing partner to try new things even when success was far from certain. Yet, what has consistently impressed me more than the traits above, Stephen manages our engagements as if he has a personal stake in the outcomes; our business might as well be his business. It is this approach that helped us land a new innovation program. 

Stephen has extensive experience setting up innovation-centric programs, and I imagine it would have been easier for him to offer a “one size fits most” model. Yet, Stephen offered us something different, something that felt bespoke and tuned to our specific needs. The end product both honored his experience and reflected his understanding of our business, as well as his passion to make the difficult easy, and his ability to bring the right assets together. As a result, we were able to gain traction quickly and the business impact to date has been far greater than we imagined."

Tracy Floyd - Entrepreneur
"Stephen is an amazingly creative leader. His depth and experience makes him a quick study for clients that come to him with research or business challenges… For years Stephen has been developing an expertise on how to glean the greatest innovation for the businesses that engage him. Through integrity, keen intellect and passion he effectively builds lasting relationships with colleagues and clients alike. As a colleague his passion is infectious. He helps to truly bring along his co-workers to reach the best possible solution for shared goals. In short Stephen is remarkable and a significant asset to our organization.”

Edwin Lau – CEO – LEDR Technologies
“Stephen has an inquisitive mind and is always looking for creative ways to find out the customer/market "truth". He is pragmatic in terms of making sure insights that he brings to any client meeting are actionable and meaningful. He listens well to understand the situation and uses his breadth of experience to suggest good alternatives to solve the problem. 

I would characterize Stephen more as a partner, sounding board and advisor... He is more focused about how his clients can be successful rather than his personal benefit. I would work with Stephen any day”

Vidya Guruswamy - Manager Brand and Audience – Intel Corporation
“I have worked with Stephen on numerous critical projects for Intel and one common thing I have noticed on every project is that Stephen goes above and beyond to deliver high quality research every time. I have had several brainstorming sessions with him and has contributed immensely in defining the scope of the study, followed by flawless execution. I am looking forward to working on many more projects with Stephen and make an impact.”

Ed Wolkenmuth – CEO – Ipsos (Vantis)
“I hired Stephen and have worked with him for 20 years. Stephen has exceptional talent for managing and developing a business. In 2003, I relocated Stephen to Paris to build a permanent Vantis operation. I then increased his scope to include responsibility for developing the Vantis UK team. The Vantis European business grew rapidly under Stephen's leadership. I then returned Stephen to the US to manage the Vantis Western Region. He tripled revenue in 3 years, maintaining a solid profit margin. 

Stephen works hard, is ambitious and is respected as a leader. He cares about satisfying his clients, and cares about developing the careers of his people.”